Alcohol Addiction Manchester

 The Alcohol Control Programme

As a clinical hypnotherapist I have over 8 years of experience in helping people change problem thought patterns and ultimately change behaviours.

Using my experience I have structured a series of alcohol control treatments using NLP and Clinical Hypnosis into a four session protocol.

This powerful Alcohol Control Programme will assist people who require help with alcohol addiction in Manchester and will assist you with any emotional problems that may be causing you to drink to excess such as stress, anxiety, boredom.

Following a full consultation I will work with 

In addition to the therapy sessions you are provided with self-soothing techniques, guidance materials and a professionally recorded cd to help relax you and reinforce your new behaviours.

Alcohol Addiction Hypnotherapy Treatment  Fee

The Hypnosis Alcohol Control programme is flexible and can be applied from as little as two sessions from our Manchester Clinic.

The initial consultation and Hypnotherapy is £80 and each following session is priced at £60.

Why not find out more about how Manchester hypnotherapy can help you control you alcohol intake?

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Alcohol is my treat

If you are concerned that you are drinking too much alcohol, but can’t stop, then that is usually the sign that you need some help.

Do you have a list of reasons to crack open a bottle of something at the end of a long day? :

  • It helps me to unwind
  • It’s my reward
  • It my escape
  • I enjoy the taste
  • It’s my only pleasure/sin
How hypnotherapy works for alcohol addiction?

Manchester Hypnotherapy works to help your unconscious mind respond differently to triggers that lead to drinking and to help you consciously think differently about alcohol so you can start to make better choices and free yourself from any old compulsive desires to drink.

There are many different reasons and triggers as to why a person turns to drink and the most helpful starting point often begins by looking at those triggers so we can initiate changes. People often comment how useful it is to simply talk to someone freely about what's going on, knowing everything is confidential.


Official Guidelines for drinking Alcohol

For men recommended amount is 3-4 units a day, no more than 3 days a week.

For women no more than 2-3 units a day up to 3 days a week.

It is advised that after a night of drinking excessive alcohol, you should wait for 48hours before drinking alcohol again to allow your body to recover.



About Alcohol Dependency

Do I really have a drinking problem?

Some of the signs of alcohol dependency are if you feel a compulsive need to drink alcohol on a regular basis or if you are unable to stop drinking once you have started.  You might also become aware that your tolerance to alcohol has increased, so you need to drink larger and larger amounts of alcohol to feel its effects.

Do all drinkers become alcoholics?

Because drinking is socially accepted it appears normal for people to want to drink. That social acceptance can sometimes shield alcoholism and make it difficult for a person to register if they are drinking regularly through choice or because they physically need to. Of course, many people drink alcohol on a regular basis and are not alcoholics, it’s something they can still do without.

Alcohol dependency tends to be subtle in the way it takes hold. It is can often be the result of a number of different factors. A genetic predisposition towards alcohol can be inherited, or your attitude to drinking might have been formed by work, family and friends.  Some common factors include high pressure occupations or stress from emotional events such as job loses or a death in the family.


More about alcohol

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a depressant, and that means it slows down how your body and mind react.

Effects of alcohol:

  • Small amounts tend to reduce inhibitions, making you feel less anxious and more sociable.
  • The more you drink the more exaggerated your feelings and actions can become. Louder voice, slurred words, loss of balance, difficulty keeping your train of thoughts, loss of memory, vomiting etc etc.

There are a number of physical problems caused by alcohol these include

cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease

Get help to stop drinking and control the urge to drink by contacting us today. It really can be simple to make the first step in any battle against alcoholism. The first important thing is to recognize that drinking has become a problem. Alcohol abuse can happen to anyone who drinks alcohol, so if you live in Manchester, or south Manchester and you suffer with a drink problem, it is wise to get professional help sooner rather than later.

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